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‘ Flawless ’

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Irish Singer, Musician, and Songwriter Jamie Harrison has recently been amassing an impressive online following with his recent single “Flawless”. Jamie produced the song along with Three-Time Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Sam Smith, Snow Patrol, Paolo Nutini) and Multi Platinum Award-Winning Producer Mike Cave (Lewis Capaldi, JP Cooper, James Vincent McMorrow).


The song touches on universally shared unrealistic expectations about beauty created by social media images and gently urges us not to trust those images. Spotify has placed Jamie’s songs on over ten official Spotify global playlists, as well as over 5,000 user playlists. His tracks have reached a ‘Top 50’ Spotify chart as well as picking up major traction in Sweden, Italy and the US and receiving 4 million streams.


Within only a week of it’s release, “Flawless” also received over 100,000 views on Youtube. The song’s Music Video, directed and produced by Jamie himself, is a beautifully shot narrative that deals with the unrealistic expectations that are placed on people, particularly women, in the ‘Social Media Age’ through an endearing story of a teenage girl and her online ‘idol’. 


The video was shot in Galway, London and Vienna, in collaboration with Julia Knight (Beyonce, John Legend, Arctic Monkeys, Mick Jagger, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray etc). Now with 1 Million views on Youtube, it has won seven awards in International Music Video and Film Festivals, including Best Music Video, Best Director and Best Actress. Most recently, it won the Award for ‘Best Social Commentary’ in the Los Angeles Music Video Awards, but it has also won Awards in cities such as London, Vienna, Munich, Prague, and others – signaling that Jamie’s music and the message of ‘Flawless’ touches all parts of the world and reminds us that hopeful inspiration and positive messages are essential in our social media filled lives.


You can watch the official Music Video on Youtube by clicking here



As a guitarist and musician, Jamie Harrison has performed and toured internationally, and has been noted for his energetic live performances. He also has hundreds of thousands of online followers through his guitar instrumentals which have over 30 million views on Youtube, and is one of the fastest growing guitar channels of the past few years.



His unrelenting creativity, emotion-filled voice and versatile guitar playing have also been captured on a live performance video of the song in the doorway of an abandoned house, on the small island of Paxos, off the coast of Greece. 


You can watch the live video by clicking here








The Flawless Artwork represents the distortion of the ‘photograph’ in today’s society. The naked female body represents the most affected group; young girls and women, and portrays that group at their most vulnerable. Heavily photoshopped, it shows a section of perfect, airbrushed skin fall into a deteriorating background, slowly being ‘chipped away’ at by the countless, fabricated portrayals of perfection we see in Today’s World.



“Gone are the days when the camera don’t lie”



Jamie Harrison – “Flawless”


Jamie also collaborated with Dance Music Producer Avery Berman to create an energetic, EDM/House version of ‘Flawless’. This version would be more suited to Radio stations who favor a more electronic sound, and who have a younger target Audience. 


You can Stream/Download the Remix of Flawless by Clicking Here



  Music Video Starring Ellie Bindman and Silvia Schneider

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Artist Photos

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  • 1 Million views on Youtube


Has received Awards for:

  • Best Narrative – London Music Video Awards

  • Best Social Commentary – Los Angeles Music Video Awards

  • Best Director – International Music Video Awards (IMVA)

  • Best Actress – Munich Film Festival


It has also won awards and been nominated in The Vienna International Film Festival, Prague International Film Festival, Austrian Film Festival, Music Video Awards and more



Jamie has a huge online following across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Collectively he has over 400k online followers and writes music from all over the world.








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